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OLLI Registration & Refund Policies and the Standards of Conduct 2018-19

You MUST be officially registered through the OLLI office for all study groups and bonus groups you attend. If you drop a study group or bonus group you must notify the OLLI office.

Session = winter/summer – 4weeks

Semester = fall/spring – 14wks 


  • Registration for study groups is on a first come, first served basis.If a study group is over-subscribed, members will be placed on a waiting list and will be notified if a space becomes available. Should space become available, members will be added to a study group in the order in which they have been waitlisted. There are no exceptions.

  • If registering using the paper form, be sure to provide alternate study groups in case your preferred choice(s) is(are) unavailable.

  • If registering using the paper form, include a personal check or credit card number (MasterCard, American Express, or Visa) and return the registration form to the OLLI office.

  • Completed forms with credit card information attached cannot be accepted by email due to Northwestern University Policy, and must be dropped off or mailed in to the OLLI office.

  • Insufficient checks will be assessed a $50 charge.

  • Confirmations will be emailed no later than two weeks before the start of the session/semester.

  • Members who are unable to attend the first two weeks of the semester are required to notify the study group coordinator of their absence, and (if possible) provide an expected date of return to the study group. Members who fail to notify their study group coordinator of their absence may be dropped from the class at the end of week two.

  • Members who regularly sign up for study groups and fail to attend at least half the session/semester without notifying the OLLI office or the study group coordinator may be refused registration in future sessions. 

  • Unless otherwise noted, you must be a current member of OLLI to register for OLLI events. 

  • Trial Memberships are available only to new members and may be purchased only one time.  

  • If you require special accommodations, including the need to have your caregiver sit with you during class time, please contact the OLLI office prior to registration.


  • RSVP carefully to events and workshops, understanding that while there may be costs associated with nonattendance to you, that these costs also adversely impact the program. 

  • Membership of OLLI is based on the expectation that you will register and attend OLLI study groups.

Registration Changes 

  • Please make your selections carefully. Changes to study group selections may ONLY be made by the OLLI office. They cannot be made online. Changes may take up to one week to process and are subject to study group availabilty.  

  • Late Registration Fee: A late registration fee of $15 will be added to registrations received after the registration close date.


  • Notify the OLLI Director in writing prior to the second session in which you joined for a full refund.

  • Refunds cannot be issued for academic enrichment or social events, including but not limited to prepaid meals, theater tickets, and pre-paid tours.

  • Refunds will only be issued to the card that was used to pay for a transaction, no exceptions. If initial payment was made by check, the refund will be issued by check. Refunds may take 4-6 weeks to process.

  • The issuance of refunds is at the discretion of the OLLI Director.

Standards of Conduct 

As members of the Northwestern community, OLLI members are expected to behave with each other with civility and respect, recognizing that disagreement and informed debate are valued in an academic community. Demeaning, intimidating, threatening, or violent behaviors will not be tolerated. Such behavior could result in dismissal from the program.
The Northwestern University Student Handbook can be viewed at:

Northwestern’s policy on discrimination and harassment can be viewed at: